About the Band

We are a Police, Fire, EMS , and Civilian Service band, formed in 1998 by six members of the Gates Police Department and sponsored by the Gates Police Union, “The Keystone Club” in The Town of Gates – a suburb of the City of Rochester, New York.

The band was founded for the purpose of honoring our fallen brothers and sisters and to participate at official ceremonial events. Prior to its founding, there were no public safety pipe and drum bands in the local area.

The original members had no prior pipe band experience and started building the organization from the ground up. Today the band has grown dramatically in members from various public safety agencies and includes a number of very dedicated civilians from the local community.

The band travels throughout the upstate New York region performing at line of duty funerals and other special events. The Band/soloists participate in numerous events each year lending strong support to local Law Enforcement, Fire, and EMS agencies as well as assisting local military units at their time of loss.

The Gates Keystone Club Police Pipes and Drums, is a 501C (3), charitable organization.

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